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New to Detpak

At Detpak, we're always looking for fresh ways to bring you great packaging solutions. If there's a new Detpak design, new product innovation or new improvements we've made to one of our many products, we'll let you know here first! And feel free to email us your ideas for new products on our Enquiries page.

Detpak developing solutions to reduce coffee cups in landfill

As has been widely reported, approximately one billion coffee cups are added to landfill in Australia and New Zealand annually. Most coffee cups feature a waterproof plastic lining which makes them unable to be easily recycled, but at Detpak, we are changing this.

To address this critical issue, Detpak has been working proactively for 18 months to develop long-term solutions that will allow paper cups to be recycled through common paper and board recycling processes.

Our new range of paper cups are branded RecycleMe™, with distinctive blue imagery and clear messaging about disposal for ease of consumer identification. We’ve partnered with Smart Planet Technologies to release a new cup lining that is easy to recycle through existing channels. The new paper cups feature this lining, and in-market trials will take place in the next three months.

To successfully bring this cup to market, we are teaming with recyclers, councils and other organisations committed to reducing the number of coffee cups sent to landfill.

Detpak is making a spectacle with the window bag

Detpak has once again illustrated its commitment to innovative packaging solutions with the launch of the Spectacle™ Window Bag.

In order to help our customers create ‘wow factor’ with their consumers, Detpak now has a range of window die–cut capabilities that will transform how customers view packaging and allow them to add greater value to their takeaway foods.

Detpak Group Marketing Manager, Shane Fuller said: “We have invested locally in a new die-cut window machine that is the first of its kind in Australia.

“We are using in-house market first capability to offer windows on a wide range of flat, satchel and carry bags.”

Detpak allows customers to customise the shape and the size of the window while choosing from standard bag sizes, to create a point of difference in a premium and creative way and showcase the product inside.

The Spectacle™ Window Bag is available in brown kraft or white materials.

Mr Fuller said: “This new capability allows customers to combine the premium and tactile feel of paper with the functionality of a window, with low minimum order quantities starting at 5000 units for selected bags.”

The new capability is ideal for premium carry bags for takeaway restaurant meals, gourmet burger stores and an assortment of bakery bags for bakeries.


Contact Detpak for more information - Australia 1300 362 620 or packaging@detpak.com

Winner Australian Packaging Covenant Award

Key Performance Indicator 1 - Sustainable Packaging Design Detmold Packing Pty Ltd

At Detmold, embedding the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) into the design process has supported the development of a range of packaging with reduced environmental impact. Detmold’s SPG reviews have helped the organisation to work more closely on sustainability issues with customers, collaborating with one customer to redesign packaging to reduce their overall material use by 100 tonnes, and replace over 400 tonnes of virgin fibre with post-consumer materials. In addition, a commitment to identifying formats with reduced impact has helped Detmold to source and trial 100% recycled content paper for use in single bottle bags and small takeout bags.

This change alone has enabled the replacement of 3100 tonnes of virgin paper with recycled fibre. Beyond the focus on recycled fibre, Detmold has pursued lower impact sustainable packaging by introducing the new “I am Eco” range of compostable, biodegradable, and renewably-sourced packaging. These include a range of moulded bagasse pulp containers, cups, and folding carton board pails, lined with renewably sourced bioplastics. Independently audited using Life Cycle Analysis, the environmental benefits of the “I am Eco” range are shared with customers and end consumers.

First appeared on The Australian Packaging Covenant Awards Night book 2015 - http://www.packagingcovenant.org.au/data/Publications/2015_APC_Awards_Night-Book.pdf


Marketing Support Material

Let your customers know that you have made a responsible choice when purchasing I am eco™!

Counter talkers and stickers are now available to display in your café. Contact our customer service team on 1300 362 620 or customerservice@detmoldgroup.com to receive yours today!

 I am Eco Marketing Support Material       I am Eco Marketing Support Material

A New Stock Print for Detpak Endura

Detpak now gives you an even greater range of options – with the tough, yet environmentally friendly, Detpak Endura Range. With its sturdy corrugated fluted board structure, it is the ideal choice for hot and greasy foods. With a variety of sizes and products including a Burger Clam, Pizza Clam, Snack Boxes, Trays and a Catering Pack, Endura is suitable for a range of needs. The  range is 100% recyclable and is now available in the attractive new "Natural & Tasty" print or custom print.

Feast your eyes on our delectable new Window Patisserie Range!

Introducing our new Window Patisserie Range - 9 different sized window boxes perfect for bakeries, patisseries and cafes. Our range includes four square window boxes, each with a crystal clear window, in 7", 9", 9" deep and 11" sizes. For muffins, cupcakes and log cakes, there are three longer style window boxes, available in 5", 7" and 10". Also included as part of the range is a window pail and flat window box. All products can be custom printed. Make your cakes and patisseries stand out with our delicious new range!