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How you can cut the rubbish

Small actions lead to big change.

RecycleMe™ is a takeaway cup with a next generation lining, and a specially designed collection network, guaranteeing that cups collected will be diverted from landfill and recycled into high quality paper products.
Share how you #cuttherubbish.

Let's cut the rubbish on takeaway cups.

Image showing comparison of cups. PE cups to landfill. PLA or Bio cups have one use and then become compost. RecycleMe cups live again and again.


As we have all become aware, the plastic lining of traditional paper cups means they are not easily recyclable, resulting in billions of cups being sent to landfill.

Compostable cups can be processed into compost, but this is only one further use and the valuable paper used in the cup is destroyed.

To break down, compostable cups require specific conditions, which aren’t readily available — meaning these cups are also likely to end up in landfill where they do not easily break down.

About RecycleMe™

RecycleMe™ is the only takeaway cup system that recycles into paper. What this means is that once our cups become paper, they can be recycled into new paper products over and over again. Usually up to 7 times before the end of their life.

This is what is now referred to as the circular economy – when a product has multiple lives and can be used over and over again. This is true recycling.

Show how you #cuttherubbish

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