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Cut the Rubbish. RecycleMe™.

How the RecycleMe™ system works

Billions of paper cups are being sent to landfill globally. As detailed below, traditional paper cups are not easily recycled because it is difficult to remove their plastic waterproof lining. 

Until now, recycling hasn’t been an option for takeaway cups but RecycleMe™ has enabled this to change. The RecycleMe™ cup offers a next generation lining that is easily removed during existing recycling procedures, meaning cups can be processed through traditional pulping infrastructure around the globe.

Cutting the rubbish on takeaway cups

The daily on-the-go coffee ritual has become an integral part of our lives. To BYO cup isn't always practical for the consumer or the café. It's hard to know what's good for the environment – let's set the record straight.

The daily on-the-go coffee ritual has become an integral part of our lives. However given there is no viable process to recycle the commonly used plastic-lined (PE) cups, a billion of them hit landfill every year in Australia alone.

To help deliver a better environmental outcome compostable cups were introduced, but unfortunately the commercial composting process required to break down these cups isn’t readily available. Plus the cup material is far too valuable to be turned into mulch after a single use.

Now you can enjoy your coffee knowing that the cup can be transformed into new products. RecycleMe™ cups have an innovative mineral-based lining which is simple to remove during recycling. Cups can be easily returned to RecycleMe™ collection bins across Australia for recycling.

The easy way to say no to landfill

RecycleMe™ cups are supported by a full-service system that ensure each cup is handled in the right way — keeping as many out of landfill as possible. 

We’ve made the RecycleMe™ system easy – cups are collected in a specially designed RecycleMe™ front of house (FOH) station, consolidated into a Back-of-House (BOH) bin and picked up for recycling by one of our collection partners.

RecycleMe Guarantee Recycling Diagram

Find your nearest Collection Station

RecycleMe™ Collections Stations can be found in the following locations across Australia and New Zealand. The system is also currently being set up in the UK. The increasing network of Collection Stations enables RecycleMe™ users to return their cups in multiple locations. More stations coming soon…

Our Global Partners

RecycleMe™ is backed by the following leading collection partners enabling the system to be available in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Other territories will also be available soon.

Want to know more?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the team to join the community and cut the rubbish with RecycleMe™ today! 


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