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Here's the scoop on packaging ice cream

It's summertime, so let’s take a deep dive into ice cream packaging and food delivery to help you avoid a melted, messy disaster for your customer.

Ice cream mixed with food delivery can result in a delicious frozen treat or a melty, messy disaster for your customer. We want to help you avoid the latter, which ultimately comes down to your packaging choices. By choosing suitable packaging to ensure it is fit for delivery purposes, you’ll be providing your customers with a delectable dessert that looks the same as it did when it left your store, resulting in positive reviews, recommendations, and reorders.


You can find our top tips on packaging ice cream below.

1. Put a lid on it

Using a dome bowl lid is an absolute must for ice cream delivery! The domelike feature is designed to protect and secure contents piled high, whether it be one, two or three scoops of ice cream or gelato - pile away! Detpak's 3/5/8/12/16 & 24oz dome lids are 100% recyclable, BPA free and made from quality PET for high transparency, making them a superior and sustainable choice when it comes to ice cream and packaging.

2. Ensure it goes in an insulated bag

Give delivery people the heads up that the order contains cold food. Insulated bags are excellent for keeping food warm or cold for delivery. Detpak's insulated backpacks have 10mm thick insulation and food-grade inner lining, making them an absolute must to ensure your ice cream doesn't arrive in a melted heap!

3. Pick the right-sized ice cream bowl for your serving

Our ice cream bowls come in six different sizes, which are designed to suit single/double sharing serves of ice cream. By ensuring you take advantage of the different-sized bowls and select the correct sizes for each order, you will avoid overfilling the bowls and leakages during delivery.

4. Research other packaging alternatives

These days, there are lots of alternatives to the traditional ice cream bowl and lid. You can check out our range of high-quality Clear Recyclable Cups and lids, which are great for chilled and frozen contents and have crystal clear transparency for premium presentation of food and beverage.

Another option would be our range of Hot Cups, which come in a bunch of different sizes and are suitable for chilled content. The possibilities really are endless, so shop now and get scooping!

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