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The Detmold Group respects the privacy of your personal information in our care, and we are committed to maintaining the security of all personal information provided to the Detmold Group.

The Detmold Group is how we describe ourselves and includes includes all wholly owned companies.

This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use and manage personal information.

What information is collected and why

Personal information is collected by the Detmold Group from individuals for the purposes of business activities. This includes personal information from customers and potential customers, suppliers and their representatives, contractors and job applicants. 

The following types of information may be collected for business purposes; name, title, email address, street address, mailing address, delivery details, telephone numbers, business details, payment details, order history, product preferences and financial information. Job applicant information which may also include such information as; experience, interests, professional qualifications, academic qualifications, legal work eligibility, third party references, communications with you, background checks, interviews and assessments.

Data collected also includes what users submit via our contact forms, quote lists and surveys.

Business purposes includes the processing of payments, delivering orders, managing promotions, providing refunds, verifying your identity, communicating with you, conducting market and product research, dealing with enquiries from you, working with our service providers and other Detmold Group Companies. Also the providing, administering and improving our products and services. 

Personal information obtained via job applications will be used to assist us throughout the recruitment process including; verification of identity, verification of legal employment rights, background checks, contacting referees, skills and psychometric tests, and we may also contact you regarding other employment opportunities within the Detmold Group.

Detmold Group may in the ordinary course of business use personal information to direct market its products and services. Individuals will be able to decline the receiving of future marketing from Detmold Group.

The Detmold Group will not share, trade or sell personal information for marketing purposes.

Ways we collect your information

We collect your personal information in a number of ways; written forms, through telephone contact, your mobile or other messaging technology, via the internet including websites and social media, via our websites and careers website, via in person, directly from you, from publicly available sources of information, from other persons or organisations.

When you lodge a request about our products and services via one of our websites you are asked to voluntarily supply personal information for the purpose/s of providing you with information you have requested of us in a relevant and timely manner.

Applying for Jobs or submitting an Expression of Interest on our website

In applying for a job via our on-line Career Vacancies website, or submitting an Expression of Interest for a role with us and during the recruitment process, we collect personal information about you which may include; your name, email address, street address, mailing address, telephone number, legal employment eligibility, employment history, skills, qualifications, licences, referee details, medical , background checks and video interviews . Other information may be requested such as the type of role you are interested in and what other career interests you may have. Other questions may be asked that are relevant to the role advertised, and to working with the Detmold Group. 

The information you provide to us via our on line Careers Vacancies website will only be used for the purpose of consideration for employment within the Detmold Group. 

The Detmold Group will not share, trade or sell personal information for marketing purposes.


Detmold Group websites uses ‘cookies’ . A cookie is a piece of data that is stored on a computer or device which allows us to enhance your online experience with us.

When one of our websites is visited records of visits are logged for statistical, maintenance and improvement purposes.  The service or internet provider address is collected and cannot be traced to an individual user. We do not identify the browsing history of our website users and visitors . The only exception to this is where a law enforcement agency lawfully requires us to, or we are required to under local law.

If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can set your browser to refuse them.

Website Analytics

Some of our websites use Google Analytics which captures data about the traffic to our websites. This data does not identify individual users, and we use this data to help us understand how our websites are used. 

How information is stored, managed and protected

Personal Information is either stored in facilities that Detmold Group own and manage or those that are owned and operated by our service providers. 

The Detmold Group takes reasonable steps to maintain the security and protect personal information in our care. These include;  restricting electronic and physical access to personal information; having in place information back up and standby systems to deal with major business interruptions; maintaining technology security products; requiring any third party providers to have acceptable security measures to keep information secure, including confidentiality arrangements; destroying or de-identifying personal information pursuant to the appropriate laws. 

Information disclosure

The Detmold Group may provide personal information with relevant Detmold Group employees, sub- contractors, distributors and third party advisors who need this information as a part of the work they perform on behalf of the Detmold Group.

Personal information submitted via the Careers Vacancy website may be disclosed to those people in the Detmold Group involved in the recruitment processes, hiring managers and any recruitment advisors for the purposes of consideration for employment within the Detmold Group.

Because the Detmold Group operates in a number of countries your personal information may be provided to a part of the Detmold Group which is in a country other than your own country. By proceeding with the provision of your information you consent to the transfer of your information to a country other than your own. The entire Detmold Group is required to maintain confidentiality of your information and its use is restricted to the purposes as outlined in this policy. 

The only exception to this is where a law enforcement agency lawfully requires us to, or we are required to under local law.

Contact us regarding personal information

To gain access to your personal information that is held by the Detmold Group, or if you have a complaint or a concern about how the Detmold Group has used your personal information, please in the first instance contact us using one of the methods listed below. Please provide as much detail as you can about the particular information you have a question or concern about. 

You can contact us in writing using the following address:
To the Privacy Officer
Detmold Group Head Office
45 Chief Street
Brompton, South Australia 5007, Australia

Or via email to:

Please write ‘To the Privacy Officer’ in the subject line of your email.


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