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We understand the national distributor game requires a seamless customer experience and a unique product offering to ensure you rise above the rest, while ensuring you meet sustainability legislation and guidelines. 

When you partner with Detpak, you’ll get the insights you need to make the best choices for your customers.  

Sustainable packaging is undoubtedly the future, but we understand the pathway to that future is inconsistent, uncertain and anything but clear. 

That’s where our sustainability experts comes in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment through 2025 and beyond. 

It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.

Differentiation is imperative to every aspect of your business. 

That’s why we take proprietary global takeaway food packaging insights, paired with Launchpad™, our specialist in-house packaging design agency and in-house R&D lab. Launchpad drives innovation and growth exclusively for our customers; through bespoke design, materials science, cost engineering and sustainability. 

So, when you partner with Detpak, we help your brand be differentiated in a busy market.

Subject Matter Experts
When your brand grows, the problems that need solving tend to grow with it.

That’s why at Detpak we have subject matter experts to help provide bespoke solutions for your business and guide you through packaging legislation

When you partner with Detpak, we’ll take care of your packaging so you can focus on growing your brand.

Case Study: Bunzl

Mr Beast Burger is a virtual brand only and operates out of existing restaurant kitchens, allowing restaurateurs to add a new source of revenue without impacting the operation 

MrBeast Burger were in the process of launching the popular burger in Bondi Junction, Australia, in the form of a popup shop. 
Through the leading distributor, Bunzl, and caterer, Compass Group, MrBeast Burger required a packaging supplier that could provide custom packaging within a very short lead time of approx. 8 weeks, including bespoke sizing and print.

In a collaborative approach with Detpak, Bunzl and Compass, MrBeast Burger successfully launched their popup shop within Australia, showcasing their custom, on-brand packaging. 
The very short run time was met, allowing MrBeast Burger to launch effectively and on time.

Detpak produced the custom product locally, meeting 8-week lead time.
With the use of  LaunchPad, Detpak’s specialist, in-house packaging design agency and in-house R&D lab, the custom packaging was designed to size and artwork specifications.
Detpak provided a short run of the custom product to ensure the pop-up store had the quantity it needed to launch effectively, while producing further product for supply post-launch.

Case Study: Reward Hospitality

TAFE SA is South Australia's largest vocational education and training provider. Our Gold Coast Robina campus is at the forefront of sustainable vocational institutions in Australia, ensuring that sustainability is integrated into every facet of campus operations, including campus design, course curriculum, and student life.

 Robina Tafe campus is the first vocational institution in Australia to achieve a Silver rating under the renowned Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) and proudly stands as a member of The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).
Developing and opening a new sustainable campus in QLD, Robina Tafe needed to ensure that sustainability was integrated into all facets of the campus, including their food packaging.  
Compostable packaging solutions were needed to accommodate the closed loop composting system that was introduced on-campus.

Reward, the distributor, introduced Detpak to Robina Tafe to liaise as the subject matter experts surrounding sustainable packaging, highlighting the need to work together ensuring all packaging needs adhered to Robina’s sustainability goals.

Detpak were able to advise Rewards’ customer, Robina Tafe regarding their sustainable packaging requirements and ensure they received a compostable packaging solution that aligned with their needs.

Due to a successful outcome, Tafe QLD are looking to expand this similar model into North Queensland.

Due to the level of trust between Reward and Detpak, Detpak were able to collaborate directly with Robina Tafe to ensure a successful outcome.

Robina Tafe were able to incorporate compostable packaging, allowing those on campus to use the closed loop composting facility.  


Whether you're talking products, consumer needs or government legislation, sustainable packaging is a complex topic. That’s where our sustainability experts come in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment through 2025 and beyond. It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


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