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Packaging Partner to the Global Quick Service Restaurants 

Your industry leader when it comes to offering a complete QSR range for every cuisine, beverage and occasion. Specialising in packaging for the QSR industry for over 50 years, partnering with Australasia’s biggest brands.



When your brand grows, the problems that need solving tend to grow with it. That’s why at Detpak we have subject matter experts to help provide bespoke solutions for your business and guide you through packaging legislation.

When you partner with Detpak, we’ll take care of your packaging so you can focus on growing your brand.


We understand the national distributor game requires a seamless customer experience and a unique product offering to ensure you rise above the rest, while ensuring you meet sustainability legislation and guidelines.

That’s why Detpak is your trusted advisor when it comes to packaging. Our in-house innovation hub, Launchpad™, specialises in new product development for both custom-branded and stock ranges. In addition to these benefits, our sustainability leadership department provides leading packaging solutions that comply with sustainability legislation.  

When you partner with Detpak, you’ll get the insights you need to make the best choices for your customers.


In the FMCG industry, we understand the pressure around transitioning from plastic to paper packaging and that you need a consistent supply of packaging of the highest quality. 

Our dedicated FMCG sustainability team works to develop sustainable packaging that gives quality and service assurances which avoids any market impacts before they occur. This is strengthened by Detpak’s global production network of owned manufacturing in seven countries and global sourcing team that ensures you have consistent supply of your packaging.

So, when you partner with Detpak, we will ensure that your filling lines remain running with a sustainable packaging solution that is commercial. 


We understand that reputation and quality are everything to your brand and you need not just a supplier, but a packaging partner whose sustainability initiatives align with yours. 

That’s why the leading supermarkets and convenience stores partner with Detpak. We provide unrivalled R&D and innovation, coupled with manufacturing and supply mitigation, to help create sustainable solutions for your business needs that stack up commercially – we’re much more than just a supplier. 

When you partner with Detpak, your sustainable packaging goals are made commercial. 

We are proud to partner with brands of every size, across the globe; from the Philippines, Australia and the Middle East


Whether you're talking products, consumer needs or government legislation, sustainable packaging is a complex topic. That’s where our sustainability experts come in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment through 2025 and beyond. It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


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Single-use problematic plastic (SUPP’s) bans continue, with legislative changes to be rolled out across Western Australia and South Australia in 2024. With some single-use items to be phased out across the country by the end of this year, it’s important to understand how this could affect your business and what alternatives are available to you.