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Latest News

Victoria prepares to ban the bag

September 25, 2019

Lightweight, single use plastic bags will be banned in Victoria from November 1 – following an announcement in June from the State Government preparing foodservice brands for the ban.

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Image of three paper bags with groceries

Cut the Rubbish with Seven Seeds Coffee

September 18, 2019

We draw the line at landfill - and are proud to have Seven Seeds Coffee onboard to help us cut the rubbish with RecycleMe™. 

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Image of Mark Dundon in an interview about RecycleMe and Seven Seeds Coffee

UK’s top latte art baristas compete in sustainable smackdown

September 11, 2019

The Detpak RecycleMe™ UK Smackdown Champion title was taken out by underdog, Kunthea Seng, at the launch event hosted in partnership with Taylor St Baristas.

Launching the RecycleMe™ cups into the UK market with a bang, the packed timetable of 32 entries at Detpak's first UK smackdown made for fierce competition between some of the nation’s top baristas.

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Image of Detpak RecycleMe Smackdown winner Tia

Cut the rubbish: Common sustainable packaging terms

August 22, 2019

It is easy to feel lost in a tirade of sustainable packaging terms. We know customers want to do the right thing in choosing sustainable packaging, but it can be difficult to know the difference between a product claiming it is biodegradable, compostable, degradable or recyclable.

We are here to cut the rubbish on common sustainable packaging terms and what these end of life options actually mean for our environment.

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Cut the rubbish: Five things you should know about compostable cups

August 8, 2019 

With continuing concerns around single-use packaging and the impact on our environment, there has been a big shift in the market with increasing demands for sustainable alternatives.

There is a big question mark around recycling vs composting, what is the difference and what is the right disposal option for food packaging, specifically takeaway cups. We are here to cut the rubbish and bring you the facts on ‘compostable’ cups.

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Image of coffee cup in the environment

Detpak launches RecycleMe™ in the UK with a latte art smackdown

August 6, 2019

Some of the UK's top baristas will show off their skills in latte art 'smackdown' competition with a sustainable twist.

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Image of barista pouring coffee into cup

Cut the Rubbish: What happens to takeaway cups in kerbside recycling?

July 31, 2019

Are coffee cups recyclable? This has been the question on everyone’s lips for some time now and in short the answer is no (unless you are using RecycleMe™ cups and system!). Continuing our efforts to cut the rubbish, we are taking you behind the scenes to explain how recycling takes place.

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Diagram of a Materials Recycling Facility

'Plastic free' cup lining technology trialled by Detpak

July 26, 2019

Continuing to operate at the forefront of innovation for sustainable packaging, Detpak is constantly assessing new cup technologies.

The RecycleMe™ System remains the only system guaranteeing collected cups will be recycled and can live again as paper products, within existing infrastructure.

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Peter from Rio Coffee assisting Detpak with cup trials

Thanks South Australia for committing to ban single-use plastic products

July 10, 2019

We’re pleased to have our headquarters in a state committed to our environment.

This week the South Australian Government has committed to single-use plastic bans following the release of Green Industries SA’s single-use plastics consultation summary report.

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Well Done SA- we champion recyclable products

Plastic free July - Hidden plastics in packaging

July 1, 2019

Not-for-profit organisation the Plastic Free Foundation is encouraging people and organisations to commit to Plastic Free July under the theme of ‘Your Challenge, Your Way’. 

Our challenge to consumers and organisations is to look for the hidden plastics in their takeaway food packaging. 

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Image of quote 'Only through recycling do we save trees cut down to make paper products' quote

Detpak promote sustainable packaging at Foodservice Australia tradeshow

June 25, 2019

Thanks to all who joined us at Stand R1 to learn about sustainable packaging options at Foodservice Australia. 

The Australian Government has legislated for all packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025, in line with a global movement away from single-use plastic packaging, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

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Image of Detpak stand at Foodservice Australia with RecycleMe banner in the background

New Zealand is moments away from banning the bag

June 14, 2019

New Zealand is banning single-use plastic bags from July 1, 2019.

With the country currently using over 750million plastic bags a year, or the equivalent of 150 per person in New Zeland, the plastic bag ban will protect from pollution of coastal and marine environments. 

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Image of food being lifted into a Detpak carry bag

How Detmold beats air pollution this World Environment Day

June 5, 2019

World Environment Day is a United Nations initiative to increase awareness for a need to protect and improve our environment.

The theme in 2019 is around beating air pollution – chosen by this year’s host, China.

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Image of team in China for World Environment Day

Cut the rubbish: Why recycling is the best option for takeaway cups

May 30, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to demystify the topic of packaging; how to source it, how to use it and most importantly, how to dispose of it, we have cut the rubbish with a simple explanation of cup options.

The Waste Management Hierarchy is a great reference tool to ensure you are doing the right thing when it comes to the end of your cup’s life. It sets out options for dealing with packaging waste (such as takeaway cups), in order from most to least preferable for sustainability.

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Image of the waste management hierarchy, showing recycling as the best option for takeaway cups

RecycleMe™ cuts the rubbish on takeaway cups

May 20, 2019

There is a dizzying array of information floating around about sustainability and doing the right thing for our environment. 

So, let’s cut the rubbish.

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Image of takeaway cup with text 'cut the rubbish'

RecycleMe™ receives Special Commendations in Packaging Innovation and Design Awards

May 3, 2019

The RecycleMe™ System has recently been recognised with a Special Commendation award by the Australian Institute of Packaging.

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Image of Carol and Felicity at the Packaging Innovation and Design Awards

Takeaway cups recycled at the World Barista Championship

April 12, 2019 

RecycleMe™ took to a global stage at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo and World Barista Championship in Boston from April 11. 

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Image of RecycleMe(TM) Collection Station at the WBC

RecycleMe™ appears at the Australian Circular Fashion Conference

March 21, 2019

Detpak’s RecycleMe™ System took front of stage at the Australian Circular Fashion Conference. 

With delegates discussing how the fashion industry keeps sustainability on the agenda, attendees were provided with coffee thanks to Veneziano Coffee Roasters and The Coffee Mob in RecycleMe™ cups. 

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Image of RecycleMe cup sitting on a table with the Australian Circular Fashion Magazine

Detpak commits to the New Plastics Economy

18 March, 2019

The Detmold Group was recently announced as a signatory to the New Plastics Economy.

This global initiative, by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, investigates how applying circular economy principles will reduce negative impacts of plastic use.

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New Plastics Economy logo

Planet Ark endorses RecycleMe™

4 February, 2019

Detpak’s award-winning RecycleMe™ System provides an environmental solution for takeaway coffee cups and lids, and is now endorsed by leading environmental foundation Planet Ark. 

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South Australian Government looks at single use plastics

24 January, 2019 

As a proud South Australian, family owned company specialising in sustainable paper and board packaging, the Detmold Group support the SA Government’s push to ban single-use plastic products.

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Image of paper bag and plastic bag with text 'We Champion recycling'

Over 300,000 cups recycled

6 January, 2019

We are proud to announce that over 300,000 cups have successfully been recycled as part of the RecycleMe™ System. 

Since launching with Australia and New Zealand in November of 2018, already consumers are ensuring their cup is correctly placed in a collection system to guarantee the recycling of these cups. 

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RecycleMe™ - Cup today. Paper tomorrow. 

29 November, 2018

The RecycleMe™ System sees takeaway cups recycled as part of existing recycling procedures in Australia.

Currently Australians are sending billions of takeaway cups to landfill every year.

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Takeaway cups for Veneziano provide a two-fold solution

12 November, 2018

Veneziano Coffee Roasters have launched with a new cup range, solving two significant challenges within the coffee industry. 

The specialty coffee roastery is now providing takeaway coffee cups in Detpak’s Precision Series, now available with the innovative new RecycleMe™ lining. 

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Precision Series cup sitting under coffee machine

Streetwise Coffee launches across 23 locations in New Zealand

5 November 2018

Coffee cups across New Zealand can now be collected and successfully recycled into copy paper thanks to the launch of Detpak’s RecycleMe™ System.

New Zealand is currently sending around 200million takeaway cups to landfill every year. 

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Consumer walking away from Streetwise Coffee cart with RecycleMe cup

RecycleMe™ launched in the United Kingdom

28 September, 2018

Our RecycleMe™ System was recently launched in the United Kingdom with an event at Taylor Street Baristas. 

The event saw three-time United Kingdom Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood and three-time Australian Barista Champion Craig Simon speak to attendees about the latest innovations in the specialty coffee industry.

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Image of Craig Simon, Maxwell Colonna Dashwood and Detpak's Clint Hendry at the Taylor Street Barista launch event

RecycleMe™ captures attention at Fine Food Australia 

September 14, 2018 

Thanks for dropping by stand HG34 at Fine Food Australia. 

We had a great time talking about RecycleMe™ with visitors of the Detpak stand and explaining our recycling solution for takeaway cups in Australia. 

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Detpak Stand at Fine Food Australia 2018

Detmold Group recognised with Sustainable Packaging Excellence  

September 5, 2018

Parent company of Detpak, The Detmold Group, was recognised with the pinnacle award from the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) for Sustainable Packaging Excellence.

South Australian family owned business the Detmold Group also took out APCO’s Manufacturer Sustainability Award for the second year in a row.

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Sustainable Packaging Award Image

Australian States introduce plastic bag bans - but consumers are concerned about plastic use in store

August 1, 2018

The plastic bag ban came into effect on July 1 for Queensland and Western Australia. 

But – now that the ban is in place, there still seems to be some confusion as major retailers are still handing out plastic bags. 

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Paper bags

RecycleMe™ cups recyled by Australian Paper

July 12, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that 250,000 of our RecycleMe™ hot cups have been successfully recycled by Australian Paper. 

These cups were successfully collected and shredded by Shred-X and recycled as part of a commercial quantity trial at the Australian Paper, Maryvale Paper Mill.

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Image of Detpak RecycleMe cup

Discounts at QSR Media Detpak Conference

June 1, 2018

Ahead of the QSR Media Detpak Conference and Awards, we're pleased to extend an offer to our key partners to attend this event in 2018.

Occuring in Sydney on June 13, the QSR Media Detpak Conference provides an opportunity to hear from some of Australia's most successful brands and experience insights from the top leaders in the quick service and fast casual dining industry. 

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KFC Australia Supplier of the Year

May 17, 2018

Detpak was recently announced as the KFC Australia Supplier of the Year for 2018.

At the awards ceremony, KFC’s Michael Aungle said about Detpak receiving the award:

“Detpak’s innovation is the stuff of legend.” 

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Image of KFC Supplier of the Year Award

Precision Series wins in Seattle

April 23, 2018

Detpak’s new Precision Series hot cups have taken out the 'Best New Product - Coffee Accessory' Award at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Seattle.

This award came following local recognition in the People’s Choice Award and 2nd in the Judges Choice of the Product Innovation Awards at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo in March. 

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Adelaide's Glenn Bailey takes out final of the Precision Series Smackdowns

March 30, 2018

Adelaide’s Glenn Bailey has secured a spot in the reality television program Barista & Farmer after winning the final of the Detpak Precision Smackdown Series at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE). 

The barista from Grinders Coffee thrilled audiences at the Detpak Stand at MICE, completing the cupping round and correctly identifying faults from twelve cups of coffee in just 19 seconds. 

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Image of Adelaide's Glenn Bailey winning the Precision Series Smackdown final. He s standing with Adam Genovese from Genovee coffee and Clint Hendry

Detpak launches Precision Smackdown Series

January 30, 2018

Detpak’s new Precision Series promotes the ultimate in coffee taste and experience.

In recognising the challenge faced by baristas to replicate an in-cafe taste experience in a takeaway cup, Detpak have launched their new cup range – the Precision Series.

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Image of latte art in Precision Series 160ml takeaway cup


Discounts for Detpak Customers at QSR Media Awards 2018

November 29, 2017

Our valued customers and partners are eligible for a 15% discount on tickets to Asia’s largest fast food and casual dining conference.

With speakers from Google, Euromonitor International, NPD Group, KFC, Subway and other major brands, this full day event will be packed with insightful presentations and panel discussions.

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Make the Move to Paper

November 17, 2017

We champion paper and board products as the preferred packaging solution as paper is a renewable resource.

With plastic bag bans or levies being introduced across many regions, we’re pleased to offer a 100% renewable, compostable and recyclable alternative. Our bags can be reused, can feature custom printing and are very strong – carrying up to 10kg!

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In Clear View

November 6, 2017

Our new Window Det-PouchTM means your products are always in view.

Consumers want food and packaging to enhance their busy modern-day lifestyle and allow them to eat on the go or in the office.

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A Fresher Look

November 3, 2017

Our versatile Endura range comes in a range of products including trays, cartons, chip cups and boxes, and is now available in white.

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Carrying Your Brand Further

October 30, 2017

Our Branding Belts give you more flexibility in customising your packaging.

We know how important communicating your brand is and Detpak is pleased to launch a new range of products to efficiently achieve this. 

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From Home to Phone

October 27, 2017

Detpak is responding to an upward trend in the popularity of food delivery with tailored packaging solutions.

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QSR Media Detpak Awards and Conference

June 30, 2017

The QSR Media Detpak Awards, held last week, recognises and celebrates the very best of the Australian quick service and fast casual restaurant industry. 

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Detpak at QSR Media Awards

Detpak's Ron Tremaine (C) with Sumo Salad’s Lawrence Mitchell (L), and Justine Charlton of QSR Media.

KFC Australia recognises Detpak's contribution

June 23, 2017

At KFC Australia's recent awards night, Detpak Australia was recognised for an outstanding contribution to KFC’s growth and brand performance. 

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Detpak's Ben Suttell (centre) with KFC's Michael Aungle (left) and Michael Clark (right).

Focus on environmental awareness at HOFEX

May 25, 2017

Earlier this month, Detpak exhibited at HOFEX, Asia’s leading food and hospitality tradeshow.

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Detpak staff Kimmy Leung, Sue Chen, Anky Feng, and Sarah Moran at HOFEX

Detpak-designed KFC Go Bucket wins Good Design Selection

May 15, 2017

The KFC Go Bucket recieved a Good Design Selection in the Communication Design Category, in the 2017 Good Design Awards.

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KFC Go bucket
Good Design Award Certificate

Detpak NZ named Supplier of the Year for Restaurant Brands Ltd

April 20, 2017

The Detpak New Zealand team was named Supplier of the Year for its biggest customer, Restaurant Brands Ltd which operates KFC, Carl’s Jnr, Pizza Hut and Starbucks in New Zealand, and their award night recently.

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Detpak's Daniel Cross and Natasha Lewis (R) with Restaurant Brands Group Supply Chain Manager Leonie Reyneke


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