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Food Service

Packaging that's built for growth

When your brand grows, the problems that need solving tend to grow with it. 
That’s why at Detpak we have subject matter experts to help provide bespoke solutions for your business and guide you through packaging legislation. 

When you partner with Detpak, we’ll take care of your packaging so you can focus on growing your brand. 

Differentiation is imperative to every aspect of your business. 

That’s why we take proprietary global takeaway food packaging insights, paired with Launchpad™, our specialist in-house packaging design agency and in-house R&D lab. Launchpad drives innovation and growth exclusively for our customers; through bespoke design, materials science, cost engineering and sustainability. 

So, when you partner with Detpak, we help your brand be differentiated in a busy market.

Sustainable packaging is undoubtedly the future, but we understand the pathway to that future is inconsistent, uncertain and anything but clear.

That’s where our sustainability experts come in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment.

Supply Chain
The bigger your business gets, the bigger the disruption when something unexpected occurs.
That’s why we’ve deliberately built a global production network with owned manufacturing in seven countries, supply contingency across every product category and a dedicated global sourcing team.

So, when you partner with Detpak, you can rest assured that packaging will never be your weakest link.

Case Study: Disneyland

Disneyland Shanghai and Hong Kong are part of the Disneyland Group that hosts millions of tourists each year at each theme park. 

Disney envisioned their food and drink packaging solutions to be an extension of the stories and characters that the visitors experience whilst at the theme parks.  
To achieve this goal, Disney would require a tailored packaging range, requiring concepts and designs that incorporate the Disney characters and wider themes.

By Leveraging Launchpad™, Detpak’s specialist, in-house packaging design agency and in-house R&D lab, Detpak were able to create a unique packaging range that met Disney’s specific functional requirements. In addition, eye-catching design elements from Disney characters and stories were incorporated into the packaging designs, adding to the customer experience. 

Due to Detpak’s capabilities, packaging knowledge, and innovative design through LaunchPad, Detpak have been the key food packaging supplier for Disney Shanghai since launching in 2016. Detpak have partnering with Disney Hong Kong since 2017. This partnership is built around understanding the importance of innovation and design for Disney, and how it impacts their customers’ experience.

Case Study: Soul Origin

Soul Origin has over 150 stores across Australia and is on a mission to make it convenient and affordable to enjoy fresh, nutritious food and exceptional coffee every day. 

During the peak holiday rush, Soul Origin’s in-store demand experienced an unforeseen spike that far exceeded forecasted supply numbers. This sales peak had the potential of Soul Origin being out of stock of its product nationally.
By the end of November, Soul Origin’s third-party distributor had drawn down an additional 79% above the already elevated forecast. This extreme spike in demand required swift and significant action from Detpak to keep Soul Origin in stock across its 150+ stores.

Detpak leveraged its global manufacturing footprint (across 7 countries) to quickly enact an urgent production run of the custom-branded stock for Soul Origin.
Detpak produced and delivered 50,000 printed Hot Cups within one week to Soul Origin.

These additional units were sufficient to fulfill the customer requirements until the sea freight replenishment stock could arrive, ensuring there weren’t any out-of-stocks for Soul Origin. 

Case Study: Arome Bakery

Arome Bakery is a Hong Kong-based Japanese-style chain bakery that is part of the Maxim’s Group. It operates over 50 shops in Hong Kong and was founded in 1985

 Arome Bakery (and the wider Maxim’s group) seek to minimize single-use plastics at store level and across their supply chain. 

While Arome Bakery recognizes the significant environmental benefit of moving away from plastic, they also needed to mitigate the potential cost impact that can occur when switching to alternate, sustainable solutions.

Leveraging Detpak’s procurement network allowed the identification of a grease resistant paper that met all of the customer’s functional requirements for their product range.

Detpak recommended a range of bag sizes that utilized our high-speed fixed sized bag machines, which in turn helped optimize product costs. In doing this, Detpak minimised production and product costs for Arome Bakery, ensuring cost competitiveness when transitioning from plastic to paper packaging.  

Arome Bakery went to market with their paper bag range in 2023, demonstrating their values of environmental protection whilst minimizing the cost impact for the business. 


Whether you're talking products, consumer needs or government legislation, sustainable packaging is a complex topic. That’s where our sustainability experts come in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment through 2025 and beyond. It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


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