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Custom Print

Getting set for custom printing

Packaging isn’t just a means to hold and transport food products, it’s a way to build your brand’s visibility, and enhance the customer’s experience. There’s no limit to the imagination when it comes to customising your packaging items, with almost all of Detpak products able to be custom-printed. Bags, wraps, cups, cartons and napkins can all be printed to make your brand work harder.

Custom Printed Bags
Detpak Custom Print Coffee Culture
Detpak Custom Print Food Truck Packaging

As part of Detpak’s environmental commitment, 90 percent of our products are printed with water-based, soy-based or UV inks, which use fewer non-renewable resources than solvent-based inks.

A Detpak expert can help work through all the requirements for custom print, from choosing the right products, to finalising artwork, to deciding quantity, through to delivery.

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) apply for custom printing on your packaging items. MOQs will vary according to factors including number of colours, type of item, and lead times. This table is a guide only, please speak to a Detpak expert who will advise according to your needs and circumstances.

Minimum Order Quantities

Item Minimum Order Quantity
Hot cups From 5,000 to 12,000 depending on region
Bags From 5,000
Wraps From 25,000
Cartons/Trays From 10,000
Bowls From 50,000
Napkins From 25,000

Your Custom Print Options

There are two ways that we can help you get ready for custom printing your packaging. 

We can: 

  • Design your artwork for you! Just send us your logo, some examples of how it’s been used on your business cards, letterhead or website, and some ideas on what you’d like to achieve. We’ll take care of the rest. Charges apply.

We can even produce a Digital Cup for you, with a stock photo and your brand logo! Learn more about Digital Cups


  • Provide you with a template for any of our packaging items. Your graphic designer or advertising agency can then place your artwork onto the template and send it to us. Please contact us, and we’ll give you everything you need.

Art file format & requirements 

  • Artwork is to be supplied in Adobe Illustrator format and all fonts need to be converted to outline/paths. A PDF or colour hard copy, including a listing of colours, must also be supplied for reference. 
  • Linked halftone images to be 300 dpi @ 100% size (supplied separately to ‘ai’ file – do not embed images). 
  • Linked bitmap images to be 600 dpi @ 100% (supplied separately to ‘ai’ file – do not embed images).

To start the process simply select your products, send us a quote request and we will contact you.


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