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Packaging solutions to showcase your products

Detpak is a leading packaging manufacturer globally, as we offer an extensive range of paper and board packaging solutions including cups, lids, cartons, bags, napkins, trays and clams. Our world class design and printing services has earned us a reputation as a provider of high quality, custom printed packaging solutions.

Stacked colourful Coffee Origins cups

Detpak Coffee OriginsTM Cup Gallery

Detpak Coffee OriginsTM Cup Gallery features vivid imagery inspired by the architecture, textiles, and traditions of coffee-producing nations. We're working with charities in coffee growing regions to drive positive social change using the power of coffee. Five per cent of Coffee OriginsTM cup sales will be contributed to partner organisations. To learn more about our first partner organisation and to read the stories behind each region, click below to experience Coffee OriginsTM.

I am eco cup on wooden bench

New I am ecoTM design

Detpak's new I am ecoTM cups feature a minimalist design. Show your customers you care about the environment, and brand your cups at the same time. The new design is perfect to stamp or sticker with your brand.

burger on wooden bench

Food Delivery for every flavour

Packaging is the first impression your customer will get of your food. Ensure your food is well presented and maintains integrity for the journey out the door with our new all-encompassing Food Delivery range.

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Detpak offers the largest range of biodegradable and compostable packaging from an Australian manufacturer, with over 200 items.

We have used Detpak cups since we opened, and we’ve had many customers tell us they’re visiting us especially for our great coffees as well as our beautiful cups! They are seriously a hit, and we love how our designs look on the cups. We’re proud of the fact our cups are made by Detpak.

-Tarmo and Jaanus, owners, Surfcafe Tallinn, Estonia

Launchpad provides us with a fast and efficient platform to bring forth our ideas into feasible yet quality product packaging. With a team of professionals, we can put our time to good use in developing more innovative, creative, and environmentally-friendly designs with them to give our customers an overall brand experience that complement our bakeries.

–Breadtalk, Singapore

Jamface is a tiny cafe so we needed a smaller printing run to not break the bank which Detpak offers, and the print quality is superb. We absolutely love our new Detpak cups and we can see customers appreciate it too. By adding a touch of beauty to their daily coffee experience it shows we really care about the people we're serving.

-Poh Ling Yeow, owner, Jamface by Poh, Adelaide, Australia


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