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Grocery & Convenience

Sustainable packaging made commercial

We understand that reputation and quality are everything to your brand and you need not just a supplier, but a packaging partner whose sustainability initiatives align with yours. 

That’s why the leading supermarkets and convenience stores partner with Detpak. We provide unrivalled R&D and innovation, coupled with manufacturing and supply mitigation, to help create sustainable solutions for your business needs that stack up commercially – we’re much more than just a supplier. 

When you partner with Detpak, your sustainable packaging goals are made commercial. 

At Detpak, we are focused on a better future and understand the challenges that our customers face with the transition to sustainable packaging solutions. 

By offering you a broad choice of materials, manufacturing locations and supply models, we have global ESG commitments and will work with you to minimize the cost impacts, improve operational efficiencies and drive sustainable, profitable growth.

It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. 

At Detpak, we build long term partnerships with our customers, using our strengths to help you achieve your strategic goals. 

We work collaboratively with you, using our global manufacturing footprint and supply chain expertise to develop and deliver not just quality products, but end-to-end solutions that stack up commercially. 

That’s why many of Australia's largest supermarkets and convenience stores choose to partner with Detpak.

Brand Leadership
In the grocery and convenience sectors, your reputation and quality is imperative to your brand. 

By partnering with Detpak, you will have access to Launchpad™, our specialist in-house packaging design agency and in-house R&D lab that provides bespoke design, materials science, cost engineering and sustainability. 

We’ll partner with you on your journey, providing a high quality, dependable product that will help you be the market leader.

Case Study: Woolworths

Woolworths is an Australian supermarket chain with over 1,100 supermarkets nationally.

The challenge was significant – to transition away from plastic checkout bags in all Woolworths stores across the country. 

Woolworths needed a packaging partner with a strong sustainability focus to provide a solution that not only eliminated plastic but also met various criteria, including local and offshore manufacturing capabilities, commercial viability, adherence to quality standards, logistical efficiency, and brand alignment.

Detpak engaged Launchpad, its R&D laboratory to design a bespoke design, incorporating materials science and cost engineering to ensure a successful design was produced. 

The solution prioritised commercial viability, ensuring that the transition to recyclable paper bags was not only sustainable but also economically feasible for Woolworths.

Rigorous testing and quality standards were implemented to guarantee that the new paper bags were fit for purpose. Detpak utilised its in-house bag testing machinery within its Launchpad R&D facility to ensure and uphold the high-quality standards expected by Woolworths and its customers. 

Detpak strategically leveraged both local and offshore manufacturing capabilities to ensure a reliable and scalable manufacturing and supply chain. This approach included contingency planning to mitigate any potential disruptions. 

Detpak addressed logistical challenges associated with the nationwide rollout, optimising carton and freight processes for both local and offshore manufacturing to ensure efficient distribution for Woolworths. 

The solution was designed to uphold and amplify Woolworths' brand values, aligning with the retailer's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Detpak worked closely with Woolworths to harmonise and rationalise the design of the new paper bags, ensuring consistency across stores while optimising manufacturing processes.

Detpak has supported Woolworths by providing over 250 million units of recyclable paper bags in the last 18 months, contributing significantly to reducing plastic waste.

The transition to recyclable paper bags not only met Woolworths' sustainability goals but also reinforced the retailer's commitment to environmental stewardship, aligning with the values of its eco-conscious customers.

Detpak's logistical optimisation ensured a smooth transition, minimising disruptions and contributing to the overall success of the plastic-free initiative.

Case Study: Woolworths

Client Woolworths is an Australian supermarket chain with over 1,100 supermarkets nationally.

Challenge Woolworths, in partnership with Detpak, recognised the need to reduce plastic consumption, particularly in the in-store bakery category which historically heavily relied on rigid and soft plastic packaging. 

This challenge prompted Detpak to prioritise the development of sustainable bakery packaging alternatives that would not only reduce plastic use but also add value to Woolworths' bakery offerings.

Solution The collaborative effort prioritized replacing the rigid plastics in bakery packaging with a paper-based solution, that was developed by Launchpad™, Detpak’s specialist in-house packaging design agency and in-house R&D lab. The proposed solutions, on average, achieved a 95% reduction in plastic use.

The solutions presented by Detpak were not only environmentally friendly but also fit-for-purpose, passing rigorous testing to meet Woolworths' quality standards.

Recognizing the importance of product integrity, Detpak's solutions underwent shelf-life testing to ensure they met the required Woolworths standards. Simultaneously, the proposed designs were commercially viable, aligning with Woolworths wider sustainability goals and business objectives.

Supply Chain Assurance: By drawing on global production capabilities, Detpak were able to guarantee supply consistency, with the China plant being the primary manufacturing location, with the ability to pivot manufacturing should the need arise  

 One of the innovative designs has been earmarked for a market launch in Western Australia. This design allows Woolworths to continue selling its existing product range while meeting state legislation requirements, at a commercially viable cost. 

With a successful onboarding in WA, there is a likelihood of a national rollout. The sustainable packaging solutions developed by Detpak not only meet Woolworths' objectives but also position the brand as a leader in sustainable practices within the retail sector.


Whether you're talking products, consumer needs or government legislation, sustainable packaging is a complex topic. That’s where our sustainability experts come in, ensuring you have sustainable solutions fit for an evolving regulatory environment through 2025 and beyond. It means sustainable choices today and the peace of mind you’ll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


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