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Australia, we've got you covered

Australia is taking action against single-use problematic plastics with bans coming into force throughout 2022.
Alongside federal legislation, state-based single-use plastic bans are rolling out.
We’re staying ahead of legislative changes, so you can feel confident we’ve got you covered with compliant sustainable solutions for your location.

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National Action against Single-Use Problematic Plastics

On March 4, 2021, the Australian Government released a National Plastics Plan outlining the immediate and long-term actions required, to work towards reducing Australia’s plastics problem.

The plan highlights the following overarching goals[1]:

  • Reduce plastic waste and increase recycling rates
  • Find alternatives to the plastics we don’t need
  • Reduce the amount of plastics impacting our environment

Key actions required to achieve these goals[2]:

  • Phase out the most problematic plastics
  • Work towards making our beaches and oceans free of plastic
  • Introduce legislation to ensure Australia takes responsibility for its plastic waste
  • Invest to increase our recycling capacity
  • Research to find new recycling technologies and alternatives for unnecessary plastics
  • Support the community to help Australian’s recycling efforts

The Plan aims to accelerate Australia’s progress in achieving APCO’s Towards 2025 National Packaging Targets.


Person picking up plastic waste on the beach.
Left hand filled with sea shells, and right hand filled with plastic waste found on the beach.

Key dates

July 2022

Phase out of:

  • All plastic packaging products with additive fragmentable technology that fail to meet relevant compostable standards (AS4736-2006, AS5810-2010 and EN13432)
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) loose packaging fill and moulded packaging in consumer packaging 

December 2022

Phase out of:

  • EPS consumer food and beverage containers
  • PVC packaging labels 

December 2023

Requirement: a minimum of 80% of supermarket products must display the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL)

Enforcement & Penalties

The government are yet to release specifics around enforcement and penalties for failure to comply.

For more information, the full National Plastics Plan 2021 is available, here.


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