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Introducing New Market Trays

Sustainable and engineered to perform

There is a significant amount of unnecessary plastic used to package produce in supermarkets and green grocers today. In Australia, this packaging all needs to be either recyclable or compostable by 2025.

To address this problem and provide you a sustainable alternative, we engineered Detpak Market Trays.

Detpak Market Trays are both recyclable and compostable and are the sustainable choice for fresh fruit and vegetable produce. They are also made from an ethically sourced kraft board.

The trays are designed to withstand automated packing facilities. The board is laminated and heavyweight and the trays feature webbed corners and a unique construction.

Introducing Detpak Market Trays - the sustainable choice that’s engineered to perform.


Market Trays_Image 1
Market Trays_Image 2
Market Trays_Image 3

Why Detpak Market Trays?

We are a small family owned organic packer, selling to the major supermarkets. We’ve made the move to Detpak Market Trays, from our previous degradable pulp trays – Detpak’s trays are recyclable and commercially compostable, and performed really well in our testing – they held their shape through the auto-wrapper and didn’t go soft in the cool room. We are excited to be changing to a more sustainable option from Detpak.

Daniel Quattrocchi, Owner, Monika’s Organics

Monika’s Organics

Monika Fiebig and Daniel Quattrocchi with some of their fresh produce they are looking to package more sustainably

Is your market tray recyclable and compostable?

Simply click the button below and we'll send you complimentray samples of Detpak Market Trays to try. Be one of the first to sample the new Market Trays when stock arrives early October.