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Detpak presents at Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s Workshop

February 13, 2020

An industry leader in sustainable packaging, Detpak representatives recently spoke at an APCO workshop to report on how Sustainable Packaging Guideline principles are applied in our design processes and general communications.

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) hosted workshops right across Australia to understand how their Sustainable Packaging Guidelines are used in the packaging industry.

The Sustainable Packaging Guidelines incorporate 10 principles:

  1. Design for recovery
  2. Optimise material efficiency
  3. Design to reduce product waste
  4. Eliminate hazardous materials
  5. Use recycled materials
  6. Use renewable materials
  7. Design to minimise litter
  8. Design for transport efficiency
  9. Design for accessibility
  10. Provide consumer information on sustainability
Image of Kristin Camery of Detpak presenting at an APCO workshop

Detpak's Kristin Camery presents at the APCO Workshop

Image of Detpak Circular Race (designing for a circular economy)

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Already actively educating our customers on moving to a circular economy, many of these principles are incorporated in our circular thinking and approach.

We incorporate circular design principles in a holistic way, looking not only at product design, but how packaging products can engage and educate consumers, what the resulting collection systems are and what end markets are available to keep resources at a high value.

All of these stages are considered and play an important role in keeping materials in use as part of a circular economy.

In fact, APCO reports that 86% of all current packaging is recyclable. However, 28% of this value is lost at the moment in products that are recyclable but not disposed of correctly (ie consumers are not engaged), and 20% lost in collection logistics (ie packaging ending up in the wrong place).

We also base our methodology on the internationally accepted waste management hierarchy, and use concepts from a hierarchy released by APCO. This forms a basis for product design and recommendations for our customers' packaging portfolios.

Australia’s national packaging targets are also considered in recommendations to customers, with assessments undertaken to determine if a product range will hit targets of;

  • 100% of packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Problematic and single-use plastics phased out
  • 70% of plastic packaging recycled or composted
  • 30% average of recycled content

APCO’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines are applied to our design considerations, and more.

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability.

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Image of cut the rubbish waste management hierarchy by Detpak

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