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Packaging Trend: Packaging with value

As the cost of living continues to rise globally, consumers are turning towards affordable food and drinks that provide more than just sustenance. Nutritional benefits have become a priority, with consumers valuing products that offer clarity, nutrition, convenience and versatility.


While price has a significant influence on a consumer’s purchasing behaviour, it is not the only driving factor. Consumers are also looking for added value, and this trend gives brands the opportunity to present consumers with financial value propositions without compromising on quality. Packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring clear communication of the added value of a particular product, such as labelling nutritional content or highlighting portioned meals within a pack. Clean packaging designs with honest information and highlighted benefits will stand out to consumers.


Brands must also consider how they communicate with today’s consumers, who are fatigued and overwhelmed, partially due to financial strain. Simplifying product communication, making it easy to understand, and streamlining it to the key features and unique selling points that matter most to consumers is important and can help brands to connect with their audience. Consumers want to easily find products that meet their needs while also saving them money.
On-pack education is another simple but effective way brands can add value, such as including energy-saving tips. As consumers look for ways to save money, products and packaging that offer this advice can help build brand loyalty.


Brands must also look for new ways to remain relevant and create enhanced
customer experiences that make a difference. Using interactive technologies
on pack to add value and bring joy to their customers in everyday life is an excellent way for brands to demonstrate they care about their customers and also differentiate themselves from their competitors.

With rising inflation, consumers are looking for affordable foods and drinks that provide added value. Brands that can communicate this added value clearly and simply, while also offering financial value propositions, will have a unique advantage in the market. Packaging, on-pack education and interactive technologies are all ways brands can enhance customer experiences and remain relevant in a challenging economic climate