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The Precision Series – The perfect ratio now available with our RecycleMe™ lining

29 November, 2018

We’re pleased to announce our award-winning Precision Series – providing the perfect ratio of coffee to milk, is now available with our RecycleMe™ lining. 

Our Precision Series already champions sustainability, with less raw material going into making these cups. This cup series is also specially designed to nest to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting our cups. 

But- now with our RecycleMe™ lining, the Precision Series will let your cup live again, with a guarantee all collected cups will be recycled into paper products. 

Our Precision Series provides a consistent taste experience. 

Designed for the perfect coffee to milk ratio, our Precision Series cups match the volume of their in-café equivalents, to promote the ultimate in coffee taste and experience for your consumers. 

Uniquely providing an accurate metric measure of volume, our Precision Series cup range is available in 160ml, 200ml, 240ml, and 320ml sizes. 

These cups streamline the front of house procedures for baristas, making it simple for them to maintain a consistent ratio of coffee to milk whether they are making an in-café or takeaway coffee. 

Also designed to reduce milk wastage, the Precision Series promotes the ultimate in coffee taste and experience. 

And now available with our RecycleMe™ lining, our Precision Series cups are providing a solution for the coffee industry, allowing the valuable paper cup fibres to live again as copy paper. 

Find out more about our Precision Series. 

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