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Six things you need to consider when choosing a paper bag

Did you know, in one year, 5 billion plastic bags are used around the world?

Low density plastic bags are very difficult to recycle, meaning the majority fill up landfills.

Plastic bags also do not readily breakdown and are harmful to the planet and wildlife when they end up in the environment.

As their environmental impacts are realised, plastic bags are being banned in locations all over the world.

But even with legislation forcing a move away from single-use plastics, the choice to move to paper can provide other benefits.

We explore six questions to ask when considering making the move to paper:

Image of a paper and plastic bag - your small actions lead to big change
Image of paper bags used for groceries

1. Is the paper bag food safe?

With health and hygiene more of a priority than ever, you should ensure that all of your packaging products are food safe, including bags used to hold or transport food. Ask suppliers if their paper bags are manufactured in food grade environments.

At Detpak, we maintain the most highly recognized global standards for food safety and quality consistency in our BRC and ISO accredited facilities.

Providing a hygienic and food-contact safe option for a variety of needs, our paper bags meet high quality standards.

2. Does the bag have the right strength profile for your needs?

With more strength than you can handle, paper bags are often stronger than their plastic equivalents, when made with quality and sustainable raw material. Ensure you have asked your supplier about the strength profile of the bag you are considering, or even test it yourself!

Strong enough for a large grocery shop through to food delivery for the whole family, our paper bags can offer superior strength for a variety of needs.We use high quality, ethically sourced kraft paper to manufacture our bags, with our largest bag able to carry 18kgs.

3. Are paper bags fridge friendly?

Not all paper bags are made equal and the material doesn’t traditionally lend itself to cold or damp environments. If you are looking to use paper bags for chilled goods, make sure they won’t fail on your customers.

Manufactured with quality in mind, our bags are strong enough to handle condensation from grocery items, such as milk bottles. Our quality paper bags are suitable for chilled environments like fridges, and can handle condensation from contents without compromising on performance.

4. Does your bag promote to food integrity?

The permeability of a paper bag allows steam to escape, where it won’t in a plastic bag. This is why chips or fried foods transported in a plastic bag tend to go soggy.

Steam can’t escape as effectively in a plastic bag, and therefore condenses on the inside on the bag. Water molecules are then reabsorbed which softens the texture of the chips or fried foods, and because water absorbs heat energy, the food will also cool down faster.

A paper bag promotes food integrity, especially if food needs to travel or be taken away.

Image of paper bag used to carry sweet treats
Your small actions lead to big change - choose to refuse single use plastic bags and choose a sustainable paper alternative

5. Do you know who is making your paper bag?

As a manufacturer – we take pride in providing quality paper bags to the FMCG and foodservice industry. We manufacture high quality products, operating with efficiency and giving you quality you can count on.

We’ve been manufacturing since 1948. We supply bags for the FMCG, grocery and food service industries and have been trusted to supply some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands for over 70 years.

6. Is this bag sustainable?

Paper bags are made from a renewable resource, and have multiple end of life options. Strong enough to be reused by consumers on multiple occasions, paper bags provide flexibility in their uses.

Able to be reused, recycled or composted, making the move to a paper bag is a truly sustainable option.

We have over 100 bags in our ready to go range, and can help you find a bag that suits you needs.

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