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Preparing for Western Australia's proposed single-use plastics ban

October 11, 2021

Countries around the world are introducing bans against problematic single-use plastic products. Legislation differs by location, with action being taken at both the local and federal levels.

In Australia, Western Australia (WA) will be next to introduce bans against single-use plastic items through their Plan for Plastics which, in June 2021, was fast-tracked and brought forward by four years. The WA Government plans to implement a two-stage ban, starting from 31 December 2021.

Stage one will see a ban on single-use plastic plates, bowls and bowl lids, cutlery, stirrers, straws, cups and lids for cold drinks, polystyrene takeaway containers and helium balloon releases.

Although bans are not yet legislated, it is important for businesses to plan ahead for the impacts these will have – particularly businesses who traditionally rely on disposable plastic packaging to serve food and beverages.

Here, we unpack some of the WA Government’s recommendations for businesses to help prepare for the ban[1].

Iconic Western Australian beach.
Eco-Products sugarcane bowl filled with a sushi salad.

Educate yourself

Take the time to familiarise yourself with the sustainable options available to replace banned single-use plastic products. Sometimes reusable items are not always practical and single-use items are essential. In this instance you can opt for sustainable alternatives such as products made from paper, board, sugarcane and bamboo.

Our comprehensive range of paper and board packaging items is perfect for foodservice and offers alternatives to banned items.

Switch your plastic forks for our wooden cutlery, your plastic straws for our endura paper straws, and your polystyrene packaging for our endura cartons and trays or Eco-Products® sugarcane range.

Look for opportunities

Removing single-use plastics could make room for some new ideas for your business.

For example, switching to sustainable paper and board packaging products offers your business the opportunity to utilise custom print to build your brand’s visibility. There are endless possibilities when it comes to customised packaging solutions, and our team of experts can help you develop a range tailored to your specific business needs.

Learn more about our custom print options, here.

Detpak custom print packaging range for Schnitz
Detpak wooden fork pictured with an endura tray filled with salad.

Reflect on your previous wins

Transitioning to new regulations and packaging requirements has its challenges, however, it is part of running a business. Planning and preparation is key to ensure your business is compliant.   

To begin, take a look at your previous wins – has your business already adjusted to the plastic bag ban and container deposit schemes? Reflect on what worked in these instances and take a similar approach to eliminating single-use plastics from your business.

The big picture

Keep in mind the bigger picture – the future. Although single-use plastics provide convenience and cost efficiency, they are having increasingly negative impacts on the environment.

Now more than ever, it is important to reduce our reliance upon problematic plastics and focus on a more sustainable tomorrow.

Being more environmentally responsible could benefit your business in the long term as consumers continue to place greater importance on sustainability, and often prefer to support brands which consider environmental impacts[2].

Single-use plastic items littered on the beach.

Taking steps today to prepare for the incoming legislation will ensure your business is ready to meet these new guidelines.

We’re here to help you make the switch to sustainable packaging alternatives. Our range of paper and board-based packaging solutions are readily available and make your choice easy.

Learn more about WA’s Plan for Plastics, here.

Learn more about WA’s Single-use plastics ban, here.

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