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Recycled content in packaging products

December 20, 2019

One of the key targets in the 2025 legislative requirements for packaging is to increase the amount of recycled content used in manufacturing.

Already Detpak uses over 1,300 tonnes of Australian sourced recycled content to produce new paper packaging products every year.

Manager of Marketing and Innovation Tom Lunn said recycling is already ingrained in consumer behaviour, is supported by existing collection systems and infrastructure, and provides an opportunity for valuable materials to live again.

"Recycling is a great and convenient option for consumers to responsibly dispose of their packaging – with 91% of the population already having access to kerbside recycling collection,” Tom said.

"We champion recycling as the ultimate environmental option for single-use packaging.

"Recycling provides a great end of life solution to ensure the valuable resources that go into manufacturing can live again," Tom said.

"Making packaging recyclable is also a part of targets set in the Toward 2025 agreement from Australian Environment Ministers, along with ensuring there is a demand for recycled materials," Tom said.

"Already we are using over 1,300 tonnes of Australian sourced recycled content in products we manufacture in Adelaide," Tom said.

Consumer engagement is key in making sure end of life options for packaging are realised. 

The latest National Waste Report states recycling rates are trending upwards.

It is important that positive commentary around recycling continues, to support consumer and business behaviour in order to keep resources at a high value.

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