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Packaging Trend: Transparency is Key

In today's world, conscious consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their choices on the environment, and as a result, they are seeking to understand where, how and what their packaging is made from. This shift in consumer behaviour will force brands to be more transparent about their practices, including providing straightforward, honest information on pack to enable consumers to make informed selections.

From raw materials to finished product

One of the primary expectations of consumers is regarding transparency in the supply chain. Consumers want easily accessible details regarding certifications and accreditations, which help to verify the sustainability and ethical standards of the products they are purchasing. In addition, sustainable messaging and end-of-life recovery and disposal information on the packaging is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Moreover, consumers are looking for tools that enable them to measure their environmental impact and change their behaviour. For instance, sustainability indexing measures available through apps can help consumers understand the environmental footprint of their purchases and make informed decisions based on that information.

Build trust and integrity

A key aspect of transparency includes being honest about not only achievements but also weaknesses. Consumers want to see brands that are open about their challenges and are actively working to address them.

Being upfront about their strengths and limitations gives the brand an opportunity to show its commitment to continuous improvement and innovate through exploring new, improved ways of operating. It also helps to demonstrate its authenticity and relatability, which in turn goes a long way to earning the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Know your values

Consumers are also interested in understanding a brand's position on significant topics such as diversity, inclusion and equity. Brands that are clear about their values and are actively working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society are more likely to resonate with consumers.

It is necessary for brands to recognise the importance of taking a stand on social issues and ensure their messaging aligns with their values and actions. Those that prioritise equity and demonstrate a commitment to making positive social change can generate a powerful impact on their customers and communities.

As consumers become more aware of their choices, they are seeking greater transparency and sustainability in the products they purchase. Companies and brands that are willing to be transparent about their practices, provide clear information on their packaging and take steps to address weaknesses while actively working towards creating a more equitable society will be well positioned to succeed in the marketplace of the future.