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Victorian Government announces ‘Recycling Victoria’ policy

February 27, 2019

The Australian State of Victoria has this week announced a new waste policy, called ‘Recycling Victoria’.

Aimed at increasing rates of recycling and recovery of resources, while decreasing the amount of waste sent to landfill, the policy sets out key initiatives to be addressed over the next ten years.

Looking at how Victoria can support a move to a circular economy, this policy presents actions across a number of areas.

From reforming current kerbside recycling, investing in recycling infrastructure, educating about separation and waste to inform behaviour change and providing support for local communities and councils, the proposed actions are varied. 

Identifying a move to a circular economy as key for future planning, Victoria’s circular economy goals include:

  • Design to last, repair and recycle
  • Use products to create more value
  • Recycle more resources
  • Reduce harm from waste and pollution
Victorian Government Resource - Diagram of a circular Economy

Victorian Government Resource - Diagram of a circular Economy

While based on the National Waste Policy released by the Australian Government in 2018, this state-based action plan does have some distinct elements.

Introducing a four-bin waste and recycling system for kerbside recycling, the Victorian Government intends to uniquely provide a bin just for recovering glass.

While identified as a way to increase the recovery of recyclable generally by removing glass as a potential contaminant from the co-mingled recyclables stream, there are some concerns that this approach is not going to translate nationally. 

The State Government does intend to provide education and resources to support behaviour change in ensuring items end up in the right bin.

Find out more about the Recycling Victoria policy, or read about why we champion recycling.

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