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Crunch Delivered

Designed for food delivery 

With the rise of food delivery, it's more important than ever to ensure food stays crunchy for longer. 

Consumers expect the same high-quality experience they'd receive in a restaurant, in the convenience of their own home or office.

Now there's a way to deliver fried food and hot chips that will hold crunch for longer.

Introducing the new Detpak Keep Crunch Carton. It's crunch delivered.

How the Carton works?

The Keep Crunch Carton works by allowing maximum airflow over the food to vent the steam, therefore preventing moisture to settle on the food and make it soggy.

It uses the stack effect so that air gets drawn in at the base of the carton floor, and as the hot air rises, the moisture laden warm air escapes out of the top vents.

The carton has a specially designed raised floor which keeps the food from resting on the base of the carton. This allows the air to circulate, lifting the moist hot air away from the food. 

Furthermore, the carton shape itself is a long shallow box so that chips are allowed to spread out and they are not stacked on top of each other - like you would find in an upright regular chip scoop.

Complete with a tamperproof catch and available in small and medium sizes, the Keep Crunch Carton is engineered for delivery. 

Get your crunch delivered.