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Packaging Trend #3

February 9, 2021

To bring you up to speed on the latest in packaging design, we unpack minimalism, a leading trend in 2021. We explore what minimalism is, how businesses can incorporate elements of minimalism into their product design, and what benefits the trend offers.

Packaging design speaks to a consumer and tells a brand story, making it essential for businesses to respond to the latest consumer preferences in design. Read the insert from our Trends in Packaging 2021 document below to learn more.

Trend 3 - Minimalism

Packaging design is a key determinant of whether an item is purchased or not. In fact, recent research suggests that 81% of consumers tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye.

The leading trend in packaging design in 2021 is minimalism. Minimalism embraces natural looking product art, free from clutter and complicated visuals. The trend involves simplifying features, such as using one strong typography, and one bold colour for the entire packaging design. Sporting minimalism may also include using high contrast elements on top of simple, uncluttered backdrops, and featuring clear labelling and branding throughout the design.

Simplified product art engages consumers without distractions and helps clearly communicate the brand story through the packaging design. Additionally, simplified packaging also enables a product to stand out on the shelf from competing brands with busy and overwhelming graphics.


Finger pointing at a bag of chocolate.
Hungry Jack's strawless lid sealing cup of Coca-Cola.

Minimalist packaging design is particularly popular among natural and organic products, as the simple design communicates that there is nothing to hide behind overwhelming graphics.  Minimalist packaging is often more cost-effective, saving on the waste created by oversized or complicated packaging designs. Fewer materials are used as part of a products packaging which reduces costs.

Minimalism also involves optimizing the volume and weight of packaging, to reduce material consumption and associated environmental impacts in the packaging lifecycle. Material reduction includes removing unnecessary design elements, providing an environmentally friendly solution. Take Hungry Jack’s strawless lid for example, we optimised the design for material efficiency. and eliminated the need for plastic straws. The lid is also recyclable, providing a sustainable solution that promotes a circular economy.

Tip: Think less is more when designing your packaging in 2021.

Did you know: “63% of consumers repeat purchased a product because of the packaging’s appearance” – Byrne, 2019

Discover more about leading global packaging trends and how you can respond to them by downloading our Trends in Packaging 2021 document here.