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Plastic free July - Hidden plastics in packaging

July 1, 2019

Not-for-profit organisation the Plastic Free Foundation is encouraging people and organisations to commit to Plastic Free July under the theme of ‘Your Challenge, Your Way’. 

Our challenge to consumers and organisations is to look for the hidden plastics in their takeaway food packaging. 

Marketing and Innovation General Manager Tom Lunn said many single-use takeaway food packaging items contain a plastic coating or lining, which may not be obvious. 

“There is much confusion in the market place about what is a good environmental packaging choice.”

“Compostable cups and bowls are made with a bio-plastic or PLA lining,  which comes from plant starch. Importantly, these packaging products need to end up at an industrial composter."

Image of pile of litter
Image saying Only through recycling do we reduce the number of trees being cut down to make paper products quote

“Bioplastic cannot be recycled so it is important to recognise the type of product you are supplying and provide the appropriate information about how that product should be dispose of.

“Recycling is an alternative solution for single-use products, and designing products for recycling and considering the end markets for recycled content is a consideration. 

“Recycling reduces the number of trees being cut down to make paper products, keeps materials at their highest value, which is fundamental in the global move to a circular economy,” Tom said.

This Plastic Free July Detpak is encouraging everyone to look for the hidden plastics in their takeaway packaging, read about our commitment to sustainability to learn more. 

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