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Cut the rubbish RecycleMe™

RecycleMe™ packaging helps to reduce landfill, save trees
and create a healthier world for future generations.

From cups to bags and sachets, RecycleMe™ means genuinely recyclable, thanks to next generation lining.



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The easy and reliable way to say no to landfill

RecycleMe™ lining enables hard-to-recycle packaging to be recycled. Unlike traditional plastic lining, the next-generation RecycleMe™ lining is easily removed from paper packaging when processed at a recycling mill.

This means that RecycleMe™ packaging can be recycled into paper through your kerbside collection or via a dedicated Collection Point. And paper can be recycled up to seven times. This is true recycling.



Takeaway cup recycling solved in Australia

Australian owned manufacturer Detpak has partnered with Shred-X and Opal Australian Paper to provide a local recycling solution for takeaway cups.

The partnership brings together the technology and the capacity to recycle cups back into paper products within Australia. 

The unique next generation lining in RecycleMe™ cups allows them to be recycled within existing infrastructure and without additional investment from paper recycling plants.

The partnership between Detpak and Opal Australian Paper provide a local solution to support the move to a circular economy.


RecycleMe™ Products


How to RecycleMe™


RecycleMe™ products recycle back into paper, paper can be recycled up to 7 times. This is true recycling, supporting a circular economy.