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Cups today. Paper tomorrow.


Did you know that most takeaway coffee cups end up as landfill? It’s a global issue. But we can change that. Meet RecycleMe™ – a new kind of takeaway coffee cup that can be recycled and transformed into new products up to 7 times.*

Cup Today. Paper Tomorrow.

Circular Economy RecycleMe AUS

RecycleMe™ is the only comprehensive coffee cup recycling system currenlty avaiable in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe. Detpak, has brought together the right partnerships in the industry to unlock the true value of each coffee cup. Cup paper is valuable. RecycleMe™ contributes to a circular economy ensuring each cup enjoys multiple lives. 

Detpak RecycleMe™ cups are easily recycled thanks to key partnerships, who utilise existing collection infrastructure transporting used cups to be recycled into paper. These key partners have a vast collection footprint in their operating locations and can access all business environments. 

RecycleMe™ is the only program which guarantees each cup collected gets counted and recycled. It is a genuine recycling solution, providing a reduced burden on virgin resources and an ongoing commitment to the reduction of landfill.


Why get involved

In an environmentally conscious world, making sustainable business decisions makes commercial sense. RecycleMe™ is a cost effective program that has a genuine environmental benefit and like all Detpak products are tested to premium quality standards.

  • The RecycleMe™ program has been designed to meet environmental objectives with accessibility in mind. 
  • It’s simple to implement with specially designed RecycleMe™ stations available for used cup collection.
  • RecycleMe™ is the only program that guarantees every cup gets counted, collected and recycled.

For more information register your interest below and for a collection station for your workplace.

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Nothing will change without your help

What can you do? Choose outlets that use RecycleMe™ cups. The RecycleMe™ program empowers cafe's and customers to take responsibility for their valuable cups. 

To identify the cups as geuninely recyclable look out for the RecycleMe™ logo on the bottom of the cup, then simple Drain and Drop - we'll sort the rest!

  1. Drain any left over beverage.
  2. Separate the lid from cup.
  3. Place in the bin provided.

Only RecycleMe™ cups can be recycled through this process, please avoid adding other cups into the collection station as they will contaminate the process. 

If just half of the paper cups in Australia and New Zealand were recycled, we would be saving 496 trees per day~.

Want to do more? Register your details using the form above.

Share this page on Facebook and Twitter and tag your local café! Thanks for being a part of the revolution in cups. 

~Environmental Paper Network - The Paper Calculator is based on research done by the Paper Task Force, a peer-reviewed study of the lifecycle environmental impacts of paper production and disposal.


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