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Why do packaging products have recycling or composting labels or instructions? Why do they not all look the same?

Regionally verified and certified labelling systems are being put into place to ensure consistent on pack messaging for consumers.

Here are some examples of how Detpak provides you detailed labelling information.

Consistent verified or certified on pack labelling, for recycling, composting or landfill, remove any ambiguity for consumers and ensures packaging materials are being captured for processing into the correct streams contributing to a circular economy. 

Additionally, an FSC™ or PEFC labelled product ensures the materials are sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed source.  

Detpak’s in-house experts verify or certify, where relevant, all packaging items either through our dedicated in-house repulpability facility or work with certified external labourites, so brands can be assured all on pack labelling or claims are justified.

Global labelling systems include:

    • FSC™ and PEFC for Chain of Custody Fibre Sourcing

    • Australian, European, United Kingdom & North American – Home and Commercial Composting Certifications

    • Standardised Recycling labelling system for kerbside collection through PREP Design exist in Australia - Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) and United Kingdom – OPRL with trials occurring in a number of other regions 

Labels and on pack claims are generally different to accommodate what collection or resource recovery facilities are available in that region.

Sustainable Packaging Choices


Item: P538S0010

AUD 48.04* / Carton (250) | AUD 0.19 EA


Item: P841S0398

AUD 83.45* / Carton (200) | AUD 0.42 EA


Item: P728S0010A

AUD 107.23* / Carton (400) | AUD 0.27 EA

What does labelling mean?

On product labelling helps consumers understand how to correctly dispose of packaging. There is a vast range of labelling systems around the world. Additional labelling can also include FSC or PEFC labelling and carry weights for bags.  

China: FSC™ C122524 and PEFC/01-32-364  
Australia: FSC™ C129148 and PEFC/ 21-31-300