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At Detpak, we have a team who specialise in solutions for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), grocery and industrial sectors.

These packaging solutions are designed to suit your needs.

We employ technical experts and invest in latest machinery to deliver the high level of customisation, innovation and functionality demanded in this market segment.

If you are interested in these items, Contact Us to learn how these bespoke items can be customised for you. MOQs apply.

This technical capability forms the foundation for Detpak to produce a high-quality product offering, a key factor for success in an industry where packaging must meet the requirements of our customers’ own machinery on filling lines.

Environmental considerations are always an imperative. That is why we specialise in paper and board substrates and only source our raw materials from ethical and sustainable suppliers, innovating to minimize or eliminate the use of plastics.


Paper Rewind & Sheets

Detpak’s Paper Rewind and Sheets capability enables you to create a leading packaging solution. Available in bleach, brown kraft, specialty papers and with or without windows, our packaging experts can work with you to achieve your brand’s desired look across Rewind and Sheets. Our industry leading position in lining and coating technologies makes us the ideal partner to work toward truly sustainable solutions. We continually investigate innovative materials and pair this with machine trials and validation to ensure your packaging product is right for your filling lines. Our extensive experience in product development includes form fill seal technology, and multiple opportunities for you to maximise the integrity of your product.

RecycleMe™ Food Cups & Bowls

Detpak’s dedication to market leading solutions includes a range of Food Cups and Bowls that can feature our next generation RecycleMe™ lining. When paired with this innovative lining, our Food Cups and Bowls are a kerbside recyclable item encompassing primarily recoverable paperboard. The inclusion of calcium carbonate in our RecycleMe™ lining enables recycling within existing infrastructure by allowing ease of separation of lining from the valuable paperboard. These Food Cups and Bowls are also able to be heat sealed to promote product integrity, and are backed by international pulping certificates, and endorsed by paper recycling mills to enable a truly sustainable packaging option.

SOS Bags

Detpak’s range of SOS Bags allows you to find a product which suits your sustainability and performance needs. Across a range of lining technologies, sizes, material variances and window options, our team give you the flexibility to find the right bag for you. Our packaging experts can help you interpret our wide range and find the right solution. Whether you are looking for a bag for dried goods such as sugar or flour, required to be a millimetre match for your existing filling lines, or need a unique bag for a bespoke opportunity that requires something different, our team can partner with you on finding the right packaging product.

Cartons & Trays

Detpak’s extensive range of Cartons and Trays can be customised to suit your requirements. Our team of packaging experts can work with you to understand how your product’s is required to perform, and identify opportunities in product development to ensure your needs are met. Our range is versatile with our team able to adjust the size, lining type, or even identify material variances to promote a premium quality print across our Cartons and Trays. This range can be manufactured for use in ovens or freezers without compromise on sustainability requirements, allowing you to maximise the performance of your packaging product.

Ready for your packaging solution?

Contact our team to learn more about how we can bring your industrial and FMCG packaging solutions to life.